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FAQ: How do I resize and print?

You need to bring your jpeg into your word processing, photo editing or graphics software before you can resize.

With MS Word, for example (which most people already have):

1. Open a new file in Word

2. Drag your jpeg image file into your opened Word File (or import image from the menu.)

3. Click on the image once it's in Word -- it will highlight
(hold Shift down so your image doesn't distort.) Just grab a corner to resize.

FAQ: How do I open this file I just downloaded?

Once you have saved the zip file to your computer, you'll need to "unzip" it before you can use it. If you don't have an unzip program already, you can download a free one online, like this one I recommend called 7-zip.

Always save your zip file to a folder on your computer where you can easily find it again. (I keep mine on a folder called Mo Stampin on my desktop)

Also MAKE SURE to to keep a backup file somewhere safe, like on a flash drive, external drive or rewriteable CDROM. You are responsible for keeping your data safe and you should be doing this for ALL the information on your computer, including your images.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

comparing digital and rubber stamps

I firmly believe there's room for both kinds in a single craft studio, but what are the benefits and drawbacks to one over the other?


  1. There really is a big difference in digital and rubber, but the end result seems to be about the same. When I want a raised embossed image I have to go with rubber. But for something I am going to pop and layer I prefer digi's as I on't have to sit and stamp out several images I can print everything I need have it all in front of me so I can see what I need to color for each layer.
    And another plus! I can sponge out my background, through it in the printer and print the main image on top of that. It makes the perfect guide!

  2. I agree with MichelleS a rubber stamp is required for embossing.
    The big difference for me would be that I get an image right away....not waiting for 7 days for the mail to reach Australia and not having to pay the hefty postal cost means my money goes further!
    But I'm a bit fussy about the images I buy... there's digi's and there's Mo's digi's!!!

  3. Well -- Mel McCarthy has found a way to emboss digital images -- I just linked to her tutorial on the sidbar.

  4. I really prefer digital images for their pure versatility. They can be embossed if you use special embossing ink jet paper which you can get online at the Crafty Computer Paper website. I've found that digi stamps are more affordable and I can also make them any size I want and flip them over too :)

  5. Gotta love Mel McCarthy. She always seems to find a way round things. :)

    Thanks for the tip on Crafty Computer Paper, Pam, I haven't visited their site in a while...time for a browse I think!

    I love digital images mostly because they always come out the same (unless you have a printer problem, of course). No missing lines, or uneven images. I'm also super impatient, so I love being able to play immediately. Digi fits perfectly with my tendency to suddenly be struck with an idea and *need* to run with it.

    I still love rubber of course!

  6. Definitely more affordable, immediately available, do difficulty finding room to store them, perfect image every time - what more could you ask! Of course I still need my rubber stamps(acrylic being my preference)for patterns, sentiments, etc but for a card with a picture on it there's nothing to beat Mo's - by far the best on the scene. Not too sugary, something for every occasion, make me laugh or say ahhh!

  7. Well im a stampaholic but since i got my hands on Mo's images i have to say i love Digis but if i could get all of mo's images in stamps i would buy them also.So i guess if its a mo's image i want it.LOL!!!

  8. I love having the stamps in my hand since computer files can be delete. I really hope you make more rubber stamps Mo! I am really one of your biggest fans when it comes to your fabulous art!

  9. Hi,

    O how I would love to get rubber stamps,
    I just can't seem to work with my printer and distress the images :(
    So please please I'm on the Stampavie DTeam and your mo's are my pecials
    I just adore them so much!!

    Hugs someone who loves Mo

  10. Hi. I love Mo's digis, and use them a lot! But, I can't be, able to change them in word so I can mask them with other landscape digis, because I always get that frame around when I try to put the image in the front, or back to an other digi!? Is there some tutorialo on that?:)


  11. Hi Ellen!! Thanks so much :)

    You can't use Word to merge, but there are two tutorials in the sidebar here that tell you how to merge using PaintShop Pro as well as the free graphics programs :) xoMo